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We know your time and money are important, yet so much of it is lost when it comes to a professional agency and hiring new staff. TULSA Professional Staffing takes the guess work out of hiring with our streamline hiring process that will help your TULSA based business find the ideal applicant for any position.

Experienced TULSA Professional Employment Agency

TULSA Professional Staffing is an award winning staffing agency with over 10 years of experience in staffing and recruiting. Our network of employees in clerical, professional, light industrial and skilled trade staffing allow us to focus on your specific needs and goals. We take pride on operating with honesty and integrity.

Our TULSA Temporary Hire Benefits

Temp-to-hire or temporary employees bring multiple benefits to a business:

Hire seasonally Workers in TULSA

If your business only needs employees on a seasonal basis, temp hiring is an ideal solution.

Reduce recruitment costs

Recruiting for a temporary position doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or spending more on recruiting than the job is worth. Our role is to select the ideal candidate for the position no matter the time-frame needed.

TULSA Professionals Supplemental staffing

Filling a position for maternity leave or vacation time doesn’t have to be a hassle for your company. With our services, you are able to increase current employees’ satisfaction by giving them the time off they deserve while maintaining business goals by hiring a temporary employee.

Professionally Reduced administrative costs

All temporary and temp-to-hire employees are considered employees of TULSA Professionals. This means we take care of payroll, insurance, and unemployment claims. This helps you refocus your businesses energies on what makes your business grow instead of internal hassles.

Steps to Tulsa Professionals Hiring Process

A good professional employee starts with a quality vetting process. Use our expert staffing agency to do all the hard work for you through these steps:

A. Professional Employer Evaluation

We ask about your business’ goals, expectations, and hiring criteria for the position before we start our search.

B. Professional Candidate Search

We search, our database, and other social platform outlets for your perfect hire.

C. Professional Candidate Filtering

We offer multiple employee screenings including drug testing, skill set testing, and credit checks, to assure qualified candidates.

D. Professional Candidate Selection

After interviewing and vetting a qualified candidate, we coordinate interviews between the candidate and your business.

E. Professional Performance Evaluation

No matter what type of professional job you hire for, we perform ongoing evaluations to make sure the fit is still right for both your business and your new professional employee.

We can deliver new breath of professionalism to your business by providing employees that have the knowledge to force growth and expand your company.

We wish you all the success your hard work deserves.